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World Penguin Day

Penguins are a living irony! They waddle awkwardly across the floe… like they got nail polish on or something but will glide gracefully through the water! Yet, these creatures of Antarctica are true bundles of charisma. What better way to celebrate the cuteness of the feathered friends by honouring them with an international day?

For this World Penguin Day, Kitty Bingo decides to bring you some funny facts about these clumsy yet charming birds of the south.

Penguins Don’t Fart

There’s nothing to be ashamed of… everyone farts! Even Beyoncé does! Everyday, humans release a combined total of 73 tons of methane gas because of farts. That’s some odour, guys! And this contributes to Global Warming. On the other hand, penguins don’t fart. They don’t eat high fibre diets like humans do and their guts contain totally different bacteria. That’s why there’s no gas. In case you catch a penguin farting, then that’s no penguin or there’s something very, very wrong with the little guy!

Penguins Stay Upright In Wind!

They might not fart, but they know things about the wind, for sure! For us, winds reaching 75 km/h sends ladies in Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pose. At 100km/h, everyone starts performing the strangest hip-hop on the streets, with some wigs flying around! But emperor penguins are strong fellas! They can withstand gusts of over 200km/h. This incredible ability is mostly attributed to their teamwork. They form a cluster. Taking turns, each most exposed penguins will move to the sheltered side. That way, everyone gets their share of heat!

Penguins Are Adept At Losing Weight!

While most of us might have dropped our New Year Resolutions of losing weight, penguins seem to take it seriously throughout their lives! Male emperor penguins can spend more than 120 days incubating their egg while the female goes to the ocean to fatten up on some fishes for chick rearing. During these four months, the male will lose 40% of their body mass. They can’t leave the egg, or it will freeze! So, they just wait… wait for the female to return many months later.

There’s Lots Of Drama With Penguins!

Penguins are faithful to their mates. When the breeding season is over, the male and female will separate only to meet the next season. During the lapse, a lot can go wrong… one of the mates can die and not return to the colony, to the lover in wait. The other partner will then spend its life all alone. But there’s a plot twist. A lonely penguin can find another lover as well. But drama happens when a partner arrives late to the colony and his partner found another, thinking he was dead. This leads to a case of penguin homewrecking. At the end, the partner should choose one of the penguins and the other moves on with life…

Daddy Penguins Are A Prime Choice!

When the mating season is here, single females will listen closely to the call of single males. But why? The birdsong gives away much info about the body fats (science!). And those penguin bachelorettes just love chubby penguins! This peculiar choice is a sign that a penguin is a proficient hunter and can cater for eggs more than a skinny one. Of course, there are fakers. Adelie Penguins can fake their fat by appearing in specific postures. They can also fake their song. Poor ladies, they won’t see that coming until they’re pregnant!

Penguins are such interesting animals! And they continue to baffle scientists who study them. On this World Penguins Day, let’s take a minute and think about these residents of Antarctica who are miles away from us. Wait… do they even know that humans declared a day for them?

Kitty Bingo

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