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What your pets do when you are not home?

Imagine being left all alone at home with nothing else to do! When you go out, your pets are left alone at home. But have you ever imagined what they are up to when you are not around? A surprise might well be in store for you when you are back home from work! Let’s take a look at some of the crazy things your pets can do while you are away.

Curtain Shredding

Cats are popular for their ability to scratch with their sharp claws. When you are away, cats may feel so bored that they turn your shower curtain into a scratching post! Playful kittens especially are great at scratching. While they may feel guilty for a few moments, they still continue with the rampage! So before going out, don’t forget to remove and put the shower curtain up and out of your pet’s reach.

Wandering Out

Dogs kept indoors often feel separation anxiety. They try to go out through the window and wander in the neighbourhood looking for you. They may even lose their way or end up sitting in a stranger’s car. So, how to prevent this? If you are going out, keep your car at home, so your pet can nap or play in it. This way, it would not go too far or be lost.

Waiting for the Master

While pets love to have naps during daytime, some of them sit near the door to wait for you when they know it is time for your arrival. Some cats sit in a particular position to show that they are indeed waiting. In fact, they stay ready for a good belly scratch from their owners once they are back home. They would then start purring up a storm!

Destroying to Get Even

When their owners are not around, pets don’t like to be left on their own. So, to show their owners how they feel, they destroy the pillows, for example, removing all of the cotton wool. In this way, they tell their owners not to go, or else they will make a mess in the house. They know it’s wrong, but it feels so right when they start to do it! According to them, the owners need to learn the lesson of not going anywhere without them.

Even More Destruction

Kitties like to be comfortable when they want to have a nap. So, with their sharp claws, they remove all the feathers and cotton wool from your beautiful cushions and pillows, to scatter them all around the floor. This way they can roll in it and enjoy a great nap!

Do you have a new wallpaper on the walls? While you find it really nice, your dog may not like it. So, when you are not around, it scratches the wallpaper off the wall and makes a mess. Maybe before choosing your new wallpaper, you should consult your dog!

So, staying alone for pets can be so difficult. However, one of the things you can do to make it easier for them is to provide them with a small door flap, so they can come and go whenever they want to. This way, instead of making a mess in the house, they can be busy hunting outside. Or, if you are going out for shopping, you can bring your dog with you in the car so you can keep an eye on him. There are thus many ways to prevent pets from being left on their own.

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