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And The Resolution For 2019 Is… Travelling!

Facebook is packed these days! Not with Happy New Year wishes… but with posts on resolutions of all kinds. If one of your resolutions in 2019 is travelling, you are at the right place! After all, who does not like travelling? Ha Ha! Have you ever visited the seven wonders of the world yet? No? From the burning desert of Egypt to the imposing Great Wall of China, let’s revisit those places together, before you make a decision.

Here are our picks – seven wonders… seven opportunities to discover the world!

The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt

Yes, we’re speaking of the jewels of Ancient Egypt! The Great Pyramid Of Giza is the only remaining wonder of the Ancient World and if it not getting into your bucket list for travelling, then we don’t know what will! WARNING, fellas! The breath-taking scene of viewing the three pyramids of the Giza plateau as the sun sets in the background is enough to make you fall in love with the place. Don’t forget your hats and googles… Ra tends to go hot at times…

 Machu Picchu, Peru

If the hot desert of Egypt is not your thing, then try out the humid, tropical environment of Peru! Nesting amongst the tree-studded mountains, Machu Picchu is the remains of an Incan city. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings and have a glimpse of the lifestyle of people of the stone age while you capture every moment on your high-tech smartphone… humanity came a long way, don’t you agree?

Taj Mahal, India

Oh dear! India… the country of culture! Incredible India is to be enjoyed with a trip to the crown of Agra – Taj Mahal. The pure white marble structure is a symbol of love for many and a perfect photo studio for others. Wear some comfy sandals though, there is a lot to walk and explore. From intricated Mughal designs and ancient mosques around the area, the splendour of India is best-cherished face to face!


Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The Mayans did much more than predict the end of the world for 2012… well, sort of. If you’re planning of getting a view of Chichen Itza, we highly recommend that you heat those paws well! Why? Because you’ll have to clap! Clap once from the end of the Court and you will have exactly nine echoes. A clap in front of the Kukulkan Pyramid will produce an echo resembling a serpentine chirp! Oh, by the way, Kukulkan is also considered as a primordial god by the Mayans, resembling a feathered serpent. Coincidence? We think not!


Christ The Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With his arms stretching towards the horizon, Christ The Redeemer Statue blesses everyone in Rio de Janeiro with a sight, rivalled by none! It is a finely sculptured statue, with extreme precision and also, a popular destination for local merchants. You will get to relish some of the best delicacies and under the arms of the holy one. Wait… did we say delicacies? As in food? Hey kitties! Ready your bags… we’re going to Brazil!  

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The most popular amphitheatre of the world stands firm in Rome and it remains a key attraction of Imperial Ages when you’re visiting Italy. Discover what lies inside those limestone and concrete walls. Since it was constructed, it was used as a fortress, a public amphitheatre, a religious shrine and even a place to execute criminals. Ouch! Don’t worry though, the place got every to thrill your senses except for ghosts!

The Great Wall Of China

Movie watchers might say, “Oh yes! The Wall… the once built to defend China against the Tao Tieh from The Great Wall Movie!” But that is not actually the case… The Great Wall Of China is regarded as one of the greatest archaeological feats of human history since it was rebuilt and maintained for dynasties! Enjoy the picturesque view from the wall that was used to separate the northern regions of the Ming Dynasties against the Mongolians. Who knew, back then, that a defensive structure would turn out to be a wonder of the world!

Oh! So much places to visit in one year? Well, even if you’re not being able to make it for this year, it is always worth putting them in your bucket list. Yep, bucket lists… our lifetime resolutions that will not break… at least not for now!

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