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Take our Christmas Trivia test!

With Christmas closing fast, it’s time to get the board games and trivia games out to entertain family and friends for hours on end! So, what better way to spend Christmas that having a battle of wits! That’s why we have lined up some Christmas trivia questions for you to find the answers! So, put down that glass of sherry or port and get your Christmas thinking cap on!


   1. What do kids often leave out for Santa every Christmas Eve? 

       A. Some Wine

       B. A newspaper

       C. Some Cheese

       D. Milk and Cookies


   2. Where was Mommy seen kissing Santa Clause? 

       A. In a dark corner

       B. In the car

       C. Underneath the mistletoe

       D. In the back garden


   3. Which country gifts the UK a giant Christmas tree each Christmas to put up in London’s Trafalgar Square? 

       A. Sweden

       B. Germany

       C. Norway

       D. Denmark


   4. Every year we put our Christmas trees in our homes. In which European country did this tradition begin? 

       A. Poland

       B. Austria

       C. France

       D. Germany


   5. In the Simpsons, who is ‘Santa’s Little Helper’? 

       A. A pet cat

       B. A pet dog

       C. A pet hamster

       D. A pet reindeer


   6. Christmas is celebrated around the world, but which ocean is Christmas Island found in? 

       A. Pacific Ocean

       B. Indian Ocean

       C. Arctic Ocean

       D. Atlantic Ocean


   7. In ‘’the Night Before Christmas’’, how many times is Santa’s name used?

       A. 7

       B. 2

       C. 0

       D. 5


   8. We all love Christmas trees, but what was the very first artificial Christmas tree made of? 

       A. Plastic

       B. Silk

       C. Feathers

       D. Glass


   9. Which Country invented the Christmas Card? 

       A. England

       B. Germany

       C. Spain

       D. France


   10. Mistletoe is the county flower of an English County? Which one is it? 

       A. Herefordshire

       B. Surrey

       C. Devo

       D. Somerset


   11. Who has the most Christmas No 1’s? 

       A. The Beatles

       B. Abba

       C. Take That

       D. The Bee Gees


   12. Who celebrates their birthday on Christmas Day? 

       A. Little Richard

       B. Annie Lennox

       C. Sir Isaac Newton

       D. Ronaldo


So, there you have it, folks! Feel free to answer our questions and have yourself a Merry Christmas! Enjoy!

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