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Movies To Watch On Charlie Chaplin Day

Charlie Chaplin was an English comic actor and filmmaker who rose to fame in the era of silent film. Thanks to his screen persona “The Tramp”, he became a worldwide icon. His career lasted for more than 75 years. From his childhood in the Victorian period, until a year before his death in 1977.

Chaplin produced, wrote, directed and composed the music for most of his films. He was a perfectionist. And his financial independence allowed him to spend ages on the development of a picture.

His movies are also characterised by humour combined with sadness. Many contain political and social themes, as well as autobiographical elements. It's Charlie Chaplin Day this week of April, Kitty Bingo brings some of his top movies. Let’s take a sneak peek at those films to watch exclusively on ‘HIS’ day… Charlie’s Day!

Chaplin movie

The Kid (1921)

The Little Tramp reluctantly takes in an abandoned baby. He then softens up to the boy and after several days, they make their living together as a group. One day, the kid falls ill. The social services try to take him away… This was Charlie Chaplin’s first full-length film. And guess what? It was already a masterpiece!

chaplin 2

A Woman Of Paris (1923)

Jean and Marie decide to escape to Paris against the wishes of their parents. But the sudden death of Jean’s father makes it difficult for him to see her at the station. Marie decides to head to Paris alone. After a year, Jean finds her with a rich and decadent playboy…and tragedy follows. This movie reveals the dramatic genius of the King of Comedy.



The Gold Rush (1925)

A calm Little Tramp search for his fortune in the hidden gold mines of the Klondike. All calm is soon lost when another prospector starts mistaking him for a huge chicken. In this universe, shoelaces become spaghetti. Chaplin, the alchemist, transforms gold into poetry.


The Circus (1928)

Hired by a circus, the Little Tramp soon becomes the main attraction. It is when his comedic mistakes make the crowd wild. He falls in love with the ringmaster’s daughter. And he doesn’t even know he’s the show’s main feature. In this comedy movie, audiences are soon caught up in Chaplin’s whirlwind of jokes. Even the clowns and acrobats watch his show-stopping feats from the sidelines.

City Lights (1931)

Travelling the city streets, the Little Tramp happens upon a blind girl. She mistakes him for a rich man. The Tramp later saves a tipsy rich brat who is attempting to drown himself. The guy becomes his best friend ever. The friendship lasts until he sobers up and no longer recognises the Tramp. We enter the world of a disillusioned bourgeoisie. That is, where a tramp is a king and a blind girl, queen.

Which of these movies are you going to watch on Charlie Chaplin Day?

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