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Funny Rules for Your Pets at Christmas Time

Usually at Christmas time, the worlds population is busy with prepping for the big day! Be it decorating the Christmas tree, shopping, cleaning around the house or inviting friends over, for a scrumptious meal. However, these celebrations can seem a bit strange to pets. This makes them super excited, because all of a sudden, their surroundings have changed and there are loads of shiny stuff hanging around! This makes them adventurous! So, to avoid this, here are some funny rules for pets at Christmas time.

Be Careful with the Christmas Tree

When the strange-looking Christmas tree is put up in a nice place in the house, it is normal to feel excited when seeing garlands, baubles, glitters and lights hanging on it. However, as a pet, us humans would be grateful if you considered:

        - Not ‘’watering’’ the tree as it is already evergreen.

        - Thirsty? Don’t drink water from the tree pot. There’s a lovely bowl with your name on it waiting for you in the kitchen.

        - When you see shiny square boxes at the foot of the Christmas tree, please don’t rip them open! It might smell delightful, but it doesn’t mean it’s yours. Rest assured, you have your own.

        - Do you want to survive for the rest of Christmas? Don’t chew on long black or white strings which are connected to a wall socket! (That’s a painful visit to the vet!)

        - We say this every year, and it’s going to be said again. Please don’t climb on the Christmas tree. It’ll lose balance and fall on the ground with you. Or worse, you’ll get stuck in it. And guess who’ll be a Christmas bauble until your fellow human comes to save you?

        - Don’t pull off the fairy lights from the neighbour’s Christmas tree in the yard and drag them through the hole in the fence. We don’t want to have beef with them this time of the year.

Respect Visitors

When the house is full of guests at Christmas time, you can be easily confused or overexcited. But, always be a good pet and follow these rules:

        - Don’t rush to welcome the guests with kisses and licks, because not everyone would enjoy these.

        - Don’t eat off the table when the guests are seated for dinner, you don’t want to gross them out.

        - Subtly ask for some goodies if need be. Don’t jump on the guests’ plate and run off with a piece of turkey in your mouth.

        - Don’t be angry if the guests sit on your favourite sofa, even if it annoys you.

Be Polite When Visiting

When you accompany your human best friend to visit relatives and friends, please:

Respect the other animals in their household. You do not want to end up into a fight with them.

        - If children tease you by pulling your tail or ears, please tolerate them. You are nevertheless “innocent”.

        - If you see strange figures of Santa or snowmen hanging from the Christmas tree, resist your urge to bite or remove them.

        - Since twinkling light bulbs are not food, don’t chew on them even if you feel hungry. The humans would surely keep some goodies for you.

        - If you are in a playful mood, don’t play with the baubles. Go outside and chase some birds.

        - Finally, no matter what happens, always be calm, tolerant and cheerful, because it is Christmas you wouldn’t want to be put in the naughty corner.

So, if you abide to these rules, you will also enjoy Christmas along with your master. And who knows, Santa Claus may have some goodies in store for you, as reward for being a good at Christmas time.

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