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Foods That Are Safe for Your Cats

Your feline friend doesn’t necessarily have to eat cat food all the time. If you’ve watched Cat Woman, you will remember the scene where she deliciously ate all that sushi in a matter of seconds. Does that ring a bell? You could similarly share some of that scrumptious sushi with your fur ball.

Do you sometimes think of feeding your cat off your plate? If so, it’s necessary to know what kind of human food you can give them. So, what can cats eat? There is a vast selection of them, stay tuned in for more!

Felines are obligate carnivores! This means that they need meat to live as it is a great source of protein. Bear in mind that too much fat may make that kitty’s stomach churn. Even the litter box doesn’t want that! (Get it? Hahaha!) Make sure that whatever protein you choose to give your cat is trimmed and cooked thoroughly. If you’d think of considering a raw diet, do consult your vet.

Proteins Kitties Can Enjoy! Yummy!

- Skinless chicken (Their favourite)
- Lean beef
- Lamb
- Liver
- Cooked Eggs

Okay, cats are carnivorous, as mentioned above, so you wouldn’t want to feed them too many veggies. Veggies are a good snack and can help in digestive issues.

Nibbles for Your Cat!

- Cooked corn/polenta.
- Bread/breadcrumbs.
- Couscous/millet.
- Mashed sweet potatoes.

Not all cats love the “sweet” factor, but if they’ve showed that they do, these could make a fun treat. These also help if your kitty is having digestive problems.

Fruits to Much On

- Banana puree.
- Blueberries (Raw or frozen).
- Seedless watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew.
- Peeled apples

As cats age, they become lactose intolerant. This means that they cannot eat any dairy foods. Not all adult cats are lactose intolerant, but many are. Just because it does not still well on the stomach.

Safe Veggies! Omnomnom!

- Pumpkin, peas and cucumbers can all be eaten raw.
- Carrots, asparagus, green beans and broccoli can be eaten cooked or steamed.

If you have a fat cat, keep the grains away from them. They are high carb foods! But, you can treat them to it once in a while. Some cats won’t enjoy certain grains, so giving them a sample would be a great way to test that.

Milkies For Your Kitties!

- Hard cheese; gouda, and cheddar.
- Low lactose cheese; cottage cheese.
- Low fat or plain yoghurt.

Your ball of fur will lose the plot for a good fish treat, but these should be given in small quantities. Why? Too much fish can drain your feline friend’s Vitamin E.

Claw Up Some Fish Treats!

- Cooked salmon or tuna.
- Tinned fish.
- Fish oil. Like it or not, this can be a good thing for your furry friend’s dry skin during winter.

Here’s a short list of additional foods you should avoid giving your buddy. These are:

- Garlic & Onions
- Coconut Milk
- Coffee
- Alcohol
- Grapes
- Chocolate
- Milk
- Candy
- Artificial sweetener

Now you have great treats to give your fur ball! You both have a cast selection of food you can enjoy together! Isn’t that meow-tastic!

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