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Five best games to play with your cat!

Playing games with your cat can be grrr... be it for you and your feline companion. Apart from mentally stimulating your pets, fun activities can also help you bond with them by creating trust and affection. Here are five claw-some games you can play with your cats:

Crumpled Paper

The name suggests it all! You just need to grab a piece of paper and crumble it up. Leave it on the floor, and your kitty will do the rest. Most cats cannot keep from the sound of paper being crushed… thus, they will push or carry the paper around the room. But, keep a close eye while your cat is playing as you surely wouldn’t want your room to be covered with confetti if the paper is nicely shredded by your pet!

Piece of String

Do you have a piece of string at home? If yes, then you already have a game to kill some hours with your cat. Start the endless entertainment by simply dragging the piece of string across the room. Let your cat do the rest; it will stake and chase it to find the other end! To make it more fun, you can tie a feather at the end of the string. However, remember to throw the string once the game is over, as you don’t want your four-legged friend to swallow it!

Play Fetch

If you thought that only dogs love playing fetch, then you’re wrong! Kitties love it too! Select a toy that your mouser fancies and which it can easily carry in its mouth. Then, just throw it across the room and let it have fun fetching it. Your moggy will love leaping around the house to find its toy… but there’s no guarantee it’ll bring it back. But if it does, then give it an affectionate pat, so that your pet learns the game.

Simple Paper Bag

Given that cats’ natural instinct teaches them to prey, you can use an empty paper bag to stimulate them. Take an empty paper bag and poke your fingers on the ends to get your cat into the bag. Your tabby will happily try to look for this unknown prey from the bag, and will struggle to catch your fingers. 

Rotate their toys

Wouldn’t you be bored if you have to watch the same movie again and again? This happens to your pet too when they play with the same toys! Buy your cats different types of toys and rotate these every 2-3 days. Your kitty will find the games more interesting and will engage better!

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Kitty-luck to you!

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