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Best movies for Animal Lovers

In a lifetime, you must have watched many animal themed movies. But, have you ever wondered why they are so predominant? Animals are used in movies to challenge the norms of society. In a way, it is easier to address serious issues through animal characters. Here are some of the best movies which you will surely enjoy, alone or with good company.                                                                      

Lassie come home (1943)

During the Great Depression, a family from a small Yorkshire village are forced to sell their beloved dog, due to a financial crisis. Named Lassie, the dog is sold to the Duke of Rudling. While the Duke was walking the collie within this Scottish estate alongside his granddaughter, the latter realises that the dog does not feel at home. Thinking that the pet must be missing her old family, the granddaughter let her escape. On her long journey, Lassie faces major risks and small benevolences. Will she be able to join her loved family?

Free Willy (1993)

Free Willy

Released in 1993, Free Willy was a grand hit at the box office. This movie tells the emotional tale of a young boy and a whale. Willy the whale was captured at sea and was left in a confined tank at an aquarium. Away from home and alone, the sea creature is unhappy and does not manage to catch the attention of any visitors. However, an orphan called Jesse sympathises with Willy. Forming a special bond, the duo tries to find a way home.

Babe (1995)

Set in a barnyard setting, this movie tells the tale of a pig who wanted to herd sheep. Known as Babe, the pig was won by the farmer, Arthur Hoggett. Luckily, Babe escapes from becoming the dinner for Christmas as his owner wanted to sell him at the next fair. In the meantime, the piglet develops a motherly bond with Collie-the fly. The barnyard is packed with other animals who are jealous of Babe… will they let her herd the sheep?

Marley and Me (2008)

In this movie, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson mocks at their friends for deciding to have a baby. However, soon after, they adopt a little pup. Named Marley, the Labrador is not very obedient and converts the neat house into a battlefield. But as the years pass, they realise that the dog changed their lives, bringing the best in them.


War Horse (2011)

A young boy called Albert and his beloved horse, Joey, reside in a farm in Britain. When the World War I starts, they are parted as Albert’s father sells the horse. Joey becomes part of the British cavalry and he changes the lives of people he meets on the arena. On the other side, Albert cannot forget his four-legged friend. Hence, he goes on a quest to find Joey amidst the battlefields of France. Will the two friends be reunited again?

War Horse

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