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Anne Hathaway – Beauty With Brains!

How about you give up meat, fish or other dairy products and become a vegan! Sounds like a nice deal, right? However, this act can be hard for anyone… even Oscar-winning actresses!

For a few years now, Anne Hathaway stayed a vegan. Reports mention that this was just to stay fit and in shape for her Catwoman and Les Misérables. All recently, she stunned the world with the news that she reverted back to eating fish.

Vegans around the world were like, “Wait… what???” What might look as a total wrong turn was actually something nice for Anne!

Anne img 1

The actress says that giving up her veganism, at least for the fish she had in Iceland, made her feel like a computer-rebooting! She was just on a fancy dinner at a Micheline-star resto. While recalling the events, she opened up to the Tatler magazine on her experience!

“So, I asked… Is your fish local? And they said: Do you see that fjord (pointing out of the window!)” And that night… everything changed.”

Interestingly enough, the actress also dropped alcohol. Earlier this year, Anne revealed that she would be avoiding alcohol until her son, Jonathan Shulman, turns 18. How sweet! The little boy is only three years old now…

anne img 2

But why has she gone with such a choice? On an exclusive interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she explains that her hangovers go up to five days and she prefers not to drink because she has to be with little Jonathan all the time.

Anne Hathaway might be doing some of the most incredible actings of all time, but she manages to give her best for one of the biggest roles of her life, as a mother! In February, she revealed that she gives her best when it comes to parenting. And admits taking a few tips from Kate Middleton! Yep, the Princess of Genovia considers the ways adopted by the Duchess Of Cambridge.

The actress says that she once read something about Kate Middleton instructing the importance of speaking to children, eye to eye and making them feel empowered. “And I thought that was really cool. I started doing that with Jonathan.”

anne img 3

Of course, with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in her guard, we bet Kate knows a thing or two about raising kids!

Anne continues to thrill fans with her acting. We are greatly expecting house-full shows for her upcoming The Hustle movie. Will it emerge as a blockbuster or lose some scores to the critics?

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